Photo of Xtratuf 16 Inch Insulated Safety Boot

Features of Xtratuf 16" Insulated Safety Boots

16″ Copper Tan Neoprene Safety Boot Insulated Neoprene footwear will give you flexible, all-day comfort and the best protection against the broadest range of acids, corrosives, and contaminants.

  • 100% waterproof, seamless construction
  • SAFE-TOE steel toe caps
  • Meets ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75
  • Meets Canadian Standard CSA Z195 M92 Grade 1
  • Flexible, hand-layered construction
  • Triple-dipped shells for extra tough, extra watertight protection
  • Chevron outsole and heel
  • Polymeric foam insulation
  • Built-in cushion insoles with arch support
  • Men’s whole sizes 3-15
  • Boots Weight: 6.0lbs per pair
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Servus XtraTuf® Boots

Only XTRATUF® neoprene pacs offer a “total protection shield” of seamless, watertight protection for the most severe fishing, farm, and work conditions. If you work in an environment where your feet are subjected to a great deal of moisture, such as farms, waste management facilities, processing plants, or anything like this, then you know how damaging liquid can be on your boots. Those boots that promise that they’re waterproof usually wind up being only water resistant. The XtraTuf 16” Insulated Neoprene Safety Boot is not water resistant, but is completely waterproof. What’s the difference between the two? Being waterproof means that not one drop of water will seep into the boots, while with water resistant boots you’re risking getting your feet a bit wet, as water may find its way to your toes.

Photo of Xtratuf 16 Inch Insulated Safety Boot

Description of Xtratuf 16" Safety Insulated Boots

Sometimes it’s okay to get by with something that’s less than the best. But when it comes to your feet, that’s a whole different story. You wouldn’t purchase second-hand items to build your foundation, and your feet are your foundation, so it’s vital that you make sure that your feet are properly taken care of. XtraTuf can help.

Completely Protected The XtraTuf brand is one that is completely waterproof thanks to the way that they actually make the boots. Unlike other brands, there are absolutely no seams in these boots. When you’re dealing with seams you’re dealing with microscopic areas where water can infiltrate the structure. But with no seams there’s no way for water or any other type of liquid to get to your feet. The XtraTuf waterproof boots are made with a seamless construction to ensure that your feet remain dry no matter what type of situation you may find yourself in, or what type of liquid is around you. They’re able to protect your feet from not only water, but also from corrosives and a number of different types of acids as well.

The XtraTuf 16” Insulated Neoprene Safety Boots are the cream of the crop when it comes to waterproof boots. They’re not only able to keep your feet dry, but also warm, thanks to the polymeric foam insulation, and protected, as well as comfortable, thanks to the built-in cushion insoles and the added arch support. And they’ll also keep your feet and toes, especially, protected, due to the SAFE-TOE steel toe caps, which meet all of the required safety standards.

When you want to take care of your feet, which are your foundation, then you want to get the best. XtraTuf boots are always classified as the best, and the XtraTuf 16” Insulated Neoprene Safety Boots are the like Cadillac’s of the XtraTuf products – not only classy but filled with all of the extras that you could ever want to protect your feet. There’s no denying that these boots are boots that will definitely do just that.

Photos of Xtratuf 16" Insulated Safety Boots

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Photo of Xtratuf 16 Inch Insulated Safety Boot

Where to Purchase Xtratuf 16" Insulated Safety Boots

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Purchase Xtratuf Boots from UMI Direct $121.67
Purchase Xtratuf Boots from $122.00 – $133.60
Purchase Xtratuf Boots from Gearcor $129.50
Purchase Xtratuf Boots from Muck Boots $129.50