Working outdoors has its own set of challenges to meet; especially if the weather conditions are extreme. While most of us remember to protect ourselves with scarves, ear muffs, gloves and socks, appropriate footwear is somehow the last thing on our mind. Comfortable footwear that offers protection to the feet helps take the task out of working for long hours under extreme conditions.

Xtratuf offers a range of work boots that are specially designed to protect your feet without having to compromise on comfort. The composite toe work boots from Xtratuf are especially suited for those working outdoors and handling heavy items. Composite toe work boots, as the name suggests, offer the toe area added protection due to the use of composite material. These are lighter than steel toe boots and also do not freeze off the toes like steel toes tend to.

The composite toe work boots feature all the benefits that keep Xtratuf boots ahead of their competition. The triple-dipped neoprene coating gives you 100% water protection, so deckhands can work on the deck area all day long without worrying about developing any fungal infection due to prolonged exposure to moisture. For a better fit, the composite toe work boots feature a supportive heel counter that avoids the chances of slippage.

The entire Xtratuf range, including the composite toe work boots, is very popular in Southeast Alaska. So favored are these neoprene boots, that people wear them almost everywhere and a few have even showed up in them at weddings.

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