When hiking in Xtratuf boots, you can encounter several types of terrain, all in one day. On one hike, you can start out on a sandy beach in the morning and it soon can turn into boulder scrambling. Best Hiking BootsNext you find a stream that is twenty yards wide, but shallow enough to wade across without getting your feet wet if you have the right boots. Wearing XtraTufs can mean the difference between the water came to the top of your boots, or going inside of your boots.

After the stream crossing, you may find yourself walking through a soft and squishy bog meadow with stunted pine trees and small pools of black water. With any other boots you probably would have worried about the bog sucking the boots off your feet. But, XtraTufs are like a second flexible layer of skin, gloves for your feet, so you still have dry feet as I move you move on up into the timber where the terrain gets steeper.

Another good reason for wearing XtraTufs is that when you find yourself in steep terrain, your feet don’t slide around and give you blisters. It is important to get the right fit, but when you do, you are ready for whatever terrain you might come across that day…

I wear my Xtratuf boots hiking when its hot, when its cold, and my feet are always comfortable and dry. The thing I really like about my boots is that they are flexible and don’t rub on your ankles or calves like some rigid cheaper boots.

If your feet get hot, you can roll them down and make them ankle high or keep them up and stay very comfortable in them. They also are great on wet slippery surfaces, the soles ensure that they don’t slip easily. I get excellent traction from them and they durability is great.

If you want to look and dress like a real Alaskan and know how to fit in, then you got to get yourself a pair of Xtratufs! It’s the only boot to wear!

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