I’ve worn many different kinds of work boots in my time, but as an adult have never worn (nor had desire to wear) old fashioned rubber boots. I currently own 20 acres of property which is heavily wooded, with very steep terrain. To manage my property, I have lived in traditional hiking boots for all my outdoor actives like chainsawing, four-wheeling, trail cutting, gardening, lawn mowing, etc.

About two years ago due to strong encouragement and prompting from my wife, (an Alaska raised women, who live in boots growing up) I purchased my first pair of XtraTuf boots. Why did I wait so long!!

With my XtraTuf work boots I never worry about getting my feet wet, and the horrible ‘boot full of sawdust’ that happens EVERYTIME I use a chain saw, no longer happen like it did with any other pair of boots that I have worn. The comfort of these boots allows me to walk on uneven slopes safely and comfortably, keeping my feet dry and warm. I have no fear of the neoprene tearing or getting holes poked in them, I just get to work.

Don’t shy away because these are rubber boots…XtraTuf boots are MUCH more.


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