Xtratuf Insulated Safety Waterproof Work Boot

Insulated Steel Toe
Work Boot

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Xtratuf Insulated Waterproof Work Boot

Insulated Waterproof
Work Boot

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Designed to provide comfort and 100% water protection, regular rubber boots cannot compare to the durability and flexibility offered by Xtratuf Boots. Extremely popular with the Southeast Alaskan populace, Xtratuf boots are a household name in the region for a number of reasons. Xtratuf manufactures the highest quality work boots that have proved their durability time and again, even in the most trying weather conditions. Its triple-dipped neoprene layering ensures the wearer unparalleled protection against moisture.

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The pair of insulated work boots from the Xtratuf range has gained popularity for the added advantage that it offers. Insulated work boots not only offer 100%, seamless protection against water, but also help keep the feet warm. This is especially a concern in areas like Southeast Alaska where temperatures can dip to below zero. Working in such sub-zero temperatures is a task in itself, while wearing a pair of insulated work boots can help ease the strain. Insulated work boots feature a polymeric foam insulation lining, so that the wearer does not feel the need to put on layers of socks.

Insulated work boots from Xtratuf feature a soft fabric lining on the inside along with built-in cushion insoles. The presence of insulation along with these two features helps keep leg cramps, back pain and the issue of tired feet at bay. Only Xtratuf boots have a “total protection shield”. All these elements combined, offer the wearer comfort and protection that lasts the entire day. With built-in arch support and extra-strength foxing on the outside to protect toes and heels, individuals working in congested spaces need not worry about their joints taking a toll even after spending long hours standing.

Another feature that has added to the popularity of these insulated work boots are their slip resistant out-soles. The outsoles feature a special chevron tread that helps them maintain a sturdy grip even on wet and smooth surfaces like those characteristic of fishing boats. This special design also makes them ideal for farm work and hikers. In spite of offering 100% protection against water and keeping the feet warm, the insulated work boot variety does not compromise on flexibility. The hand layered construction of these boots lends them unmatched flexibility along with strength. Due to their flexible quality, insulated work boots from Xtratuf can be folded and worn under jeans.

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These insulated work boots are available in a variety of 6”, 12” and 16” copper tan boots. Made in USA, Xtratuf boots are known for their superior quality. The insulated work boots are available in a range of 5-14 shoe sizes. Tried and tested in the most severe work conditions, Xtratuf boots are made to survive contact with most corrosives, acids and contaminants, besides water.

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