While women always have a wide range of shoes to choose from to wear to work, men usually find themselves at a loss of choices; especially those working at construction sites or on fishing boats. Men working at such sites have to make do with regular rubber boots to protect themselves from moisture, which do not even come close to looking flattering. However, Xtratuf is a name that stands above the rest when it comes to men’s waterproof work boots.

There are quite a number of reasons why Xtratuf men’s waterproof work boots have been able to find a respectable place for themselves in the Southeast Alaskan wardrobe. These boots offer unparalleled protection from water to the feet. This is possible as they come triple dipped in neoprene rubber. This triple layering of the boot shells makes them highly effective against moisture. So, for those of you who worry about developing fungal infections due to prolonged contact with water should try these men’s waterproof work boots.

These men’s waterproof work boots stand apart as they also have an appealing design. These Xtratuf boots come in a unique copper tan design, which lends them a sleek look. Along with being sleek, you can also fold these highly flexible men’s waterproof work boots to fit under your favorite pair of jeans. With a sturdy design and soft fabric lining on the inside, these men’s waterproof work boots are extremely comfortable. What’s more is that they also feature a special chevron tread outsole, giving you a great grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

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