Are you looking for boots to wear while fishing or for outdoor activities like hunting, backpacking, and hiking?

Xtratuf provides a wide range of outdoor work boots for such specific requirements. They offer an insulated, non-insulated, and safety boot, each comes in a variety of combinations to meet your needs. Worthy of their brand name, Xtratuf boots are ideally designed boots for activities like fishing, hiking, and while working in close quarters with harsh chemicals.

The insulated Neoprene Xtratuf boots are waterproof and provide adequate warmth and strong foothold during fishing expeditions. The Xtratuf Neoprene safety boots are the perfect solution for extreme working conditions and provide protection against chemical spills etc. Xtratuf neoprene boots are the right choice for all outdoor activities.

Xtratuf outdoor boots have been designed to provide utmost comfort levels. The special material used in them is great for all weather conditions. Xtratuf boots keep your feet warm in winters and cool in summers. The unique design allows for proper ankle movement without rubbing against the skin. Xtratuf boots are your one stop shop for various outdoor activities. You can modify the design by flipping the sides of the boots to serve as hiking or trekking boots. A brand name with a reputed history behind it, Xtratuf boots have been around for decades and will continue to be the choice of many outdoor enthusiasts for years to come.

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