Hard workers know that having the right pair of boots on your feet can mean the difference between a good day and a downright awful day. When you work in tough conditions, you need boots that won’t let you down in any way. That means boots that can keep your feet dry, boots that keep your feet protected, and boots that keep you comfortable with each and every step. These are the sort of boots you want to feel good about stepping into every day before you head out to work.

Servus Xtratuf Boots Always Deliver

Servus Xtratuf boots are just the ticket to a good day at work. You have plenty of different types to choose from, but all of them are fashioned with the worker in mind. You can wear these boots and never worry about your feet getting wet due to their 100% waterproof construction. Feet will remain protected at all times whether you decide upon a pair that features serious ozone-resistant rubber or triple-dipped neoprene rubber. A steel toe can provide you with added protection at the toes. Slip-resistant Chevron outsoles give you a solid grip on many different surfaces, whether they’re smooth, wet, or both. And feet will be comfortable thanks to the fabric lining that wicks away moisture and the built-in cushion insole for great arch support. That means less fatigue in your legs and in your back.

These are the things that a worker needs when dealing with the demands of a tough job. And that is why Norcross Safety Products developed Servus Xtratuf boots. They are boots that you can trust, that you can wear every day, and that will last for a long time due to their highly durable construction. They deliver the best when it comes to total protection and allow you to choose various aspects of the boot if you want, from insulated or non-insulated to steel toe or no steel toe. Choose the boot height from 6” to 16”. Once you find the right boot for the job at hand, you’ll never want to be without it again!

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