When you think of safety and footwear, there are many brands that can come to mind. One of these may easily be products manufactured by Norcross Safety Products. A company that knows how important it is for you to be protected in harsh work environments, they developed several different brands that you can put your trust in. When it comes to rubber boots and safety, Norcross Safety Products has you totally covered.

Step Into Servus XtraTuf Rubber Boots

Both of these brands – XtraTuf boots and Servus rubber boots – are made right here in the USA and are carefully constructed so that what you have on your feet as you work is the last thing on your mind. XtraTuf boots are triple-dipped for a 100% waterproof design. You can always trust that the neoprene will keep your feet dry as well as cozy inside the boots while you work. And there are a lot of jobs you can perform in XtraTuf boots; farming, commercial fishing, and various other working conditions that require no-slip boots and protection against all sorts of elements.

Servus Xtratuf rubber boots are also made in the USA and have been in production for over 75 years, providing durable boots to all sorts of people. Whether you simply need a set of overshoes or some serious insulated rubber boots, you will quickly realize that you can find a multitude of quality products ready and waiting. The Servus rubber boots come in various styles so that you get exactly what you want to assist you out in the field, on the deck of a boat, or in a busy construction zone. Everything from thick treads on the sole to the 100% waterproof outer shell ensure that feet remain dry and protected each and every day.

It can feel good to know that at least one company is looking out for your good health. They understand completely that hard working men and women can use first-class rubber boots for many different reasons and want someone they can trust to make such boots.


  1. steve obitz

    I have wide feet ‘EEE” Do you make these or a boot for me?

  2. Steve,

    The boots run pretty large but I would suggest ordering from someone who offers free returns. Buy one size up and see if they fit for you.


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