Working at a construction site or outdoors under freezing temperatures can be quite a challenge. A TV show that has perfectly captured the turmoil faced by crabber crews working under such extreme conditions is the ‘Deadliest Catch’. This Discovery Channel series shows fishing boat crews competing against each other as well as the forces of nature. While the crews are busy maneuvering the waves, they place their trust in Xtratuf’s steel toe insulated boots to protect their feet.

These steel toe insulated boots not only protect feet against moisture, but also help keep the feet warm. The polymeric foam insulation ensures that the wearer’s feet stay warm even in severe, freezing conditions like those characteristic of Alaska. These American made steel toe insulated boots offer added protection to the toe area due to the inclusion of toe caps. The steel toe caps featured in Xtratuf boots are compliant with ASTM and Canadian standards. The steel toe caps are featured in the safety boot range from Xtratuf.

Xtratuf’s steel toe insulated boots have been popular in Southeast Alaska even before they made an appearance on the ‘Deadliest Catch’. These boots offer 100% protection against water as well as most acids, corrosives and contaminants. These steel toe insulated boots come triple dipped in neoprene rubber. This makes them absolutely seamless and extra watertight. The vulcanizing seal further helps strengthen the boot shell.

The steel toe insulated boots from Xtratuf are made of very soft and durable neoprene rubber. This lends them the quality of being extremely pliable. These steel toe insulated boots are so flexible that in fact, they can be folded to fit under most jeans or pants. As these boots are highly flexible, they also avoid the chances of developing leg cramps, in spite of having a rigorous work schedule of 16 hours.

Xtratuf’s steel toe insulated boots are favored by the Southeast Alaskan populace as they have proved to be superior to most ordinary rubber boots time and again. For a perfect fit, the boots come with a supportive heel that reduces the chances of slippage and offers a form fit. The boots also come with built-in cushion insoles and arch support, so that feet do not cramp or hurt even after long hours of being in the freezing outdoors.

These steel toe insulated boots also feature a special chevron tread on the outsoles that makes for a firm and sturdy grip even on the most slippery surfaces. For overall protection of the feet from knocks, these boots feature extra strength foxing around the toe and heel area. Available in a range of lengths from 6” to 16”, Xtratuf boots are not only practical but also a handsome addition to the wardrobe with their copper tan design.

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