When one mentions rubber boots, most people would picture very squeaky and almost impossible to slip on or off boots. However, one name that has changed the way people in Southeast Alaska look at steel toe rubber boots is Xtratuf. Xtratuf’s range of waterproof boots offers the wearer comfort as well as safety. Made in the United States, these steel toe rubber boots feature a beautiful copper tan design that does not restrict their usage to work or the fields alone. This is the reason why some Alaska natives have been known to even show up at weddings wearing Xtratuf boots.

The steel toe rubber boots from Xtratuf feature toe caps that are complaint with Canadian standards. This offers extra protection to the toe area, especially to those who handle heavy machinery or objects on a daily basis. Xtratuf boots also offer 100% protection from water. Protection from water and a wide range of acids, corrosives and contaminants is guaranteed by Xtratuf steel toe rubber boots as they are triple dipped in neoprene rubber. This ensures that the boot shell is seamless and thus, does not run the risk of developing leakages and cracks. The vulcanizing seal further lends strength to the boot shell.

Unlike most ordinary rubber boots, the steel toe rubber boots from Xtratuf are extremely comfortable. A high level of comfort is ensured as they feature a soft inner fabric lining that easily allows the feet to slip in and slip out. The supportive heel further ensures a snug fit as it reduces the chances of heel slippage. The neoprene rubber used itself lends these steel toe rubber boots the quality of being flexible. In fact, these boots have been found to be so flexible that regular users fold the 16” variety to fit under a pair of jeans or pants.

Xtratuf’s steel toe rubber boots are also designed keeping in mind the wearer’s health. Since, working in the outdoors comes with its own set of challenges, these boots feature built-in cushion insoles and arch support, so that the wearer does not suffer from leg cramps, foot cramps or back pain. To further protect the back, these boots feature a special chevron tread on the outsoles, which prevents the wearer from slipping off wet or smooth surfaces.

Available in a range of shoe sizes from men’s 3 to men’s 15, these steel toe rubber boots are highly durable. The hand layered construction of the boot shell lends them extra toughness and extra watertight protection. These steel toe rubber boots are available as insulated and non-insulated, with the insulated variety keeping the feet warm. Xtratuf boots have known to survive extreme wear and tear even in conditions like those typical of farms, fishing boats and construction sites.

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