Working in a cubicle and working outdoors has its own set of stresses. Those of you who work at shipping docks, construction sites or on fishing boats would understand the true meaning of work related hazards. With heavy objects all around and extreme temperatures, thinking about your own safety is a must.

You can cover your head with a helmet; protect your knees and elbows with extra padding, but what really about your feet? Wearing a regular pair of boots cannot compare to the protection offered by steel toe work boots. Along with safety, comfort is another element that should be kept in mind while going steel toe work boot shopping.

If there is one pair of steel toe work boots that has gained the favor of Southeast Alaskans, it is the pair from Xtratuf. Xtratuf makes sure that all boots manufactured by it not just offer 100% water resistance, but are also “extra tough” and flexible. The steel toe work boots from Xtratuf not only protect your toes from being crushed with Canadian standard-compliant steel toe caps, but are also designed to resist a wide variety of corrosives, acids and contaminants.

The steel toe work boots come triple-dipped in neoprene rubber, which gives them a seamless boot shell. Since these boots are designed keeping in mind adverse working conditions, the outsoles feature a special chevron tread. So now you have a pair of steel toe work boots that are highly durable and are slip-resistant even on the most wet and smooth surfaces.

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