Steel toed work boots can be a real life saver, especially if you handle heavy machinery or objects day in day out. In case of an added quality of clumsiness, they can be a God sent. While there is a huge variety of steel toed boots in the market, one name stands above the rest and that is Xtratuf.

Xtratuf steel toed work boots have been popular amongst the working class for a number of reasons. The boots not only offer extra watertight protection, but are also extremely comfortable. For those of you who work at construction sites or on fishing boats will be able to appreciate the boots even better. These sites of work already pose a number of challenges and while there exists a plethora of steel toed boots in the market, only a few can offer protection with comfort and the guarantee of compliance with standards.

Xtratuf’s steel toed work boots use steel caps that meet ASTM and Canadian standards. These steel toed work boots also offer 100% water resistance as they come triple dipped in neoprene rubber. To ensure you get the most out of your steel toed work boots, Xtratuf provides built-in cushion insoles with arch support and a soft, durable fabric lining. So, now along with protection from moisture and most corrosives, contaminants and acids, you also do not have to worry about leg cramps or back pain, which is usually a companion of long work days that require you to stand for hours together.

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