There are Xtratuf fans around the world, and as you begin to explore the phenomenon that is this brand, you’ll quickly find out why. From followers who spend their lives in some of the toughest environments in the world to those who work in industries where foot protection is an absolute must, Xtratuf has been building a base of customers for the last fifty years.

With amazing features like triple dipped soles, fully waterproof seamless construction, a flexible feel, the Chevron outsole and heel, as well as built in cushion insoles with arch support, they’re one of the only products on the market that create the perfect level of comfort and safety at the same time.

Durability is also a real factor in the support for this brand. Few people want to have to replace a good pair of work boots on a regular basis, and with Xtratuf, that’s never the case. Every pair comes with the protection your feet need and the long lasting reliability your wallet demands. Take a moment to explore what just a few of the world’s biggest Xtratuf fans are saying about this amazing brand.

Xtratuf Boot Fans Feedback

From a fishing boat captain
I am the owner of a Charter Fishing Company in Alaska, I have been wearing XtraTuf boots for over 20 years now. I would never think of buying any other pair of work boots. Read More…
~ Josh Cozby: Owner Black Rock Charters

From Alaska
…if you want to start a riot in Juneau, put up a sign: ‘XTRATUFS ONE HALF OFF’ and get out of the way. Better have a lot of boots. Read More…
~ Mark Zeiger:

From the Forest Service
The reasons why we chose Xtratufs were simple: they are flexible, they have excellent traction on mossy terrain or rock, they do not slip around on your feet, creating blisters, they are totally waterproof, and, they are tough when you encounter sharp sticks and rocks. Read More…
~ Rober Cozby: National Forest Service

From a Classy Lady who wears them everywhere!
I bought my Xtratufs when in Alaska over 10 years ago and have worn them kayaking, hiking, helping harvest grapes, fishing from a boat, clamming, helping a friend on their dairy farm, to a football game with my foul weather gear, and wearing them on campus.

Living in the East there are lots of women wearing wellies on the campus where I work, but I am pretty sure that I’m the only one who wears her Xtratufs because I’m often asked about them. My husband and I stopped by a scenic river while driving home from a wedding one evening and decided to go for a walk–there I was with my expensive dress, but also wearing my Xtratufs. It was way too cool and I smile every time I think about it!
~ Julie Middleton