Many people take a single look at rubber boots and think they know everything about them. It’s a boot. It’s made of rubber. That makes it waterproof. End of story.

However, with today’s technology, many rubber boots aren’t just your basic boot. Instead, you can find products like Xtratuf rubber boots made with careful specifications in mind so that commercial fishermen, farmers, or casual fishermen can all feel confident and comfortable as they work. A lot of technology now goes into products like neoprene boots in order to give the wearer the ultimate in waterproof power and durability.

What’s in Xtratuf Rubber Boots?

You can find a great deal of smart tech behind Xtratuf rubber boots. Each pair is triple-dipped for a seamless neoprene coating all over. Not only is this waterproof, but it is also highly resistant to many types of acids, both organic and inorganic, as well as many other potential contaminants.

On the inside, you can find special layers of material that are designed to not only be comfortable and durable, but also wick away moisture so that feet stay cooler and drier. Cushioned insoles provide great arch support; perfect for those who have to spend long hours on their feet. In turn, tired legs stay stronger and backs don’t get tired like they would with other boots. Feet get even more protection in the form of steel toe caps that come in many styles of Xtratuf rubber boots.

The bottom of Xtratuf rubber boots is done in a slip-resistant outer sole so you have fewer worries when it comes to dealing with slick surfaces, even if they are smooth or wet.

Rubber boots aren’t just rubber in the shape of a boot anymore. Now, if you want quality for work or leisure, you can easily find it in Xtratuf rubber boots. You can count on feet staying dry, staying protected, and being more comfortable than ever.

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