We got married at the end of the Homer Spit in Homer, Alaska, on April 13, 2011. We arrived in Homer on April 12 and stepped out of our SUV into 12” of heavy wet spring snow. Since we had planned on getting married outside I knew instantly that the satin ballet flats I had planned on wearing were not going to work. Needless to say I had a small meltdown! My husband saved the day and took me to the marine supply store and bought me a pair of XtraTufs. I thought a pair of wool socks would be appropriate, so I added those to the outfit as well. So, there you have it… got married outside in Homer, AK in XtraTufs. I had a chance to go back to AK in August to do some fishing and took them with me. XtraTufs are the VERY BEST and I also have some very unique wedding pictures!

Photo Gallery (click on image to enlarge):

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