The hardships for those working in extreme conditions never seem to end. Working on farms, as part of the crew on fishing boats and mines have their own set of challenges and thus, require special attention when it comes to the choice of clothing and shoes. While it is easy to protect one’s hands and body from extremities, protecting one’s feet can prove to be quite a challenge. A regular pair of rubber boots offers protection from water, but it usually comes at the expense of comfort.

Xtratuf boots have gained popularity as the most favored waterproof steel toe boots in the Southeast Alaskan region for this very purpose. These waterproof steel toe boots not only offer 100% protection from moisture, but also go a step further to protect the toes from being crushed. The addition of steel toes to this variety of Xtratuf boots offers the vulnerable toe area protection in case heavy objects fall on it. This is a particular advantage for those working on construction sites and handling heavy objects as a part of their daily routine. Xtratuf uses steel-toed caps that meet ASTM toe protection and Canadian standards.

The waterproof steel toe boots from Xtratuf are available in a range of sizes (6”, 12” and 16”). The waterproof steel toe boots offer unparalleled protection from water as they are triple-dipped in neoprene. This helps create a boot shell that is seamless and void of cracks, which makes it almost impossible for water to seep in. To further widen the utility of these waterproof steel toe boots they have been manufactured to resist a wide variety of corrosives, acids and contaminants. The additional vulcanizing seal adds to the strength and superior resistance offered by these boots.

Xtratuf ensures that its waterproof steel toe boots offer the wearer utmost comfort. They have made use of lighter, softer and more flexible neoprene rubber for this purpose. The insole features a built-in cushion with arch support. This makes it possible for the wearer to avoid leg cramps and back pain in spite of standing or working for long hours.

Xtratuf’s waterproof steel toe boots feature a special chevron tread on the outsoles. This makes the outsoles effectively slip-resistant. Xtratuf boots have proved their mettle in extremely slippery conditions like those characteristic of fishing boats. Another unique quality that sets these waterproof steel toe boots above their competition is their flexibility. The boots are flexible enough to be folded and worn under a pair of jeans. This flexibility can be attributed to the hand layered construction of each Xtratuf boot. All the above reasons combined have helped waterproof steel toe boots from Xtratuf win favor of workers the world over.

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