Xtratuf: An Alaskan Way of Life by Larry Johansen

For any Xtratuf boot fan you know the value of a warm comfortable pair of boots. Well, nobody knows that better than Larry Johansen Photographer and Author of the book Xtratuf: An Alaskan Way of Life.

How do you spot a real live local brave enough to live in the Alaskan rain forest? The first clue is that they are looking you in the eye. The dead give away is they are wearing the ugliest brown boot you ever saw. Young or old, rich or poor, hip or old-school, liberal or conservative, man or woman – all wear the “boot.” Why even the Governor of Alaska wore XTRATUF boots to his inaugural ball. But is it really about the boot? You decide!

For the Xtratuf enthusiast in each of us, this book points out just how normal we are…at least to ourselves 🙂 Larry captures the essence of the Xtratuf boot fan, and how we live our lives. This book is an excellent coffee table book to entertain both the believers and non-believers. Enjoy!

An Alaskan Way of Life | Xtratuf Boots

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