When looking to purchase a pair of Xtratuf boots, you should also include a pair of felt insoles for your boots.

Insoles for Xtratuf Work Boots

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Because Xtratufs are made of neoprene, there can be sweating inside of the boots during heavy strenuous use. But, if you have felt insoles under your feet, it will not present a problem. The felt will absorb the majority of the moisture from your activity that day. Then, when you get home and remove the boots, simply pull out the felt insoles and put them where it is warm to dry out. At the same time, put your hand into the boot to see if there is dampness in the boot bottom. If there is, place the boots in a standing position where it is warm and they will be ready for your next adventure.

Felt insoles are nearly always sold where Xtratufs are located. If you do not see them, ask someone. They are sized just like the boots are, and if they need a little trimming to fit properly, a pair of sharp scissors aids in having a custom fit.

The felt insoles are inexpensive and yet will prove to be invaluable. You can even toss them into the washing machine after several days of wear. If you do, let them air dry instead of using the dryer. They will keep their fit and last a long time.

We recommend Bates Unisex Performance Insoles, but there are a variety of brands that will do the trick!
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