Work Boots for WomenWoman do a lot of the hard work and the heavy lifting in every industry, be it farming, fishing or construction. We are long past the days when these are considered men’s work, and while the bulk of these jobs still go to men, women in the work force are there and growing and as such are in dire need of the proper footwear to keep their feet supported, protected, warm and dry in the harshest of circumstances, just like their male counterparts. To this end, XtraTuf makes a great line of boots for women, safety shoes for women and everything for women that they make for men, including commercial fishing boots, construction work boots, farm work boots and outdoor work boots. So women who need a quality boot for the hard work they do should come to XtraTuf boots for women that are so direly needed.

XtraTuf boots for women have all the same important features that come with their regular XtraTuf boots. They are dipped in a triple layer of neoprene to make them one hundred percent water resistent. They are insulated to make certain that feet are kept warm in harsh weather conditions. They come in 6 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch sizes so Xtratuf Boots for Womenthat no matter what level of water you find yourself stepping in, you have a well-fitting model of XtraTuf’s boots for women keeping you dry. And they come with steel toes, to make certain that your easily crushed toes are protected when the going gets rough and your feet are put into jeopardy.

XtraTuf boots for women are designed so that women have options for the best, toughest waterproof boots on the market. We aren’t the ones to tell you how to wear work boots, but isn’t it good to know there are quality work boots in your size?

More great photos of these Tough Alaskan Girls in Xtratuf Boots at


  1. Sarah Campbell

    I want a pair now. My brother moved to Alaska a year ago a he said everyone wears them. He bought my 16 month old a pair for Christmas. : )
    Pickford, Mi.

  2. Hi,

    My Uncle just got me a pair of your boots and I love them! Only issue is my calfs, the boots are pretty tight around my calfs, is there anything I can do?

    Thanks :-)


  3. Jennifer,

    I would suggest warming the Xtratuf boots under hot tap water making the already flexible neoprene even more modifiable. Then I would suggest wearing them while they cool. This may offer an opportunity for the boots to better fit your feet and calfs.

    A few other thoughts:
    1) You may want to roll down the top portion of the boot that covers your calf, by losing a couple inches of coverage on your calf you may gain more comfort.
    2) You may want to consider returning the boots and getting the 12″ version that does not go so far up the calf.
    3) Allow the boots time to stretch naturally. If you can wear them for short periods of time, eventually they will mold to your body type.

    I hope you continue to love your Xtratufs! If you every want to share a picture or testimonial we would love to hear your Xtratuf story!

  4. Donna Wilkins

    Do you offer a lined black version, that might be acceptable to wear with a uniform? Thanks.

  5. Donna Wilkins

    I normally wear a ladies size 7.

  6. If you live in Alaska I think Xtratufs go with any uniform!

  7. Might want to check out our Xtratuf shoe size conversation chart to find the right pair!


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