Page Edit: Xtratuf Boots Are No Longer Made in the USA as of 2010

With today’s economy still in a state of fluctuation, people have been wondering how they can help to improve things. So many products these days come from other countries that we aren’t even sure what is left that is still made in the United States. Some companies, however, are determined to make American products to deliver them to the American people. By buying such products, it may be possible to boost up the economy just a little bit more.

Xtratuf boots are one such product made in the USA. Xtratuf boots are a part of Norcross Safety Products L.L.C, so you know that you are getting the best when it comes to quality and safety. They understand completely your need for comfort as well as the importance of having equipment that won’t fail you on the job. Whether you happen to be working on the farm or even going for a casual fishing trip, Xtratuf boots live up to their name in every way possible.

Right here in the USA, Xtratuf boots are triple-dipped so you get a seamless, 100% waterproof neoprene layer. That doesn’t stop them from being flexible though. The rubber is still light and soft so you have a full range of movement that allows you to get the job done. You can choose from boots that are insulated or not, include a steel toe, and even how high you need them to be, anywhere from 6” to 16”.

Because every Xtratuf boot is manufactured in the USA, that gives buyers an additional edge; Xtratuf boots don’t cost a painful amount of money. You pay exactly what you should, every time. You will always get the highest of quality and never find yourself paying more than you want to.

Having Xtratuf boots made in the USA is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Norcross Safety Products knows the importance of keeping workers, farmers, fishermen, and more happy and safe, all while maintaining American jobs and providing a product that will last for a long, long time.


  1. Not anymore, Xtratufs are now manufactured overseas…it’s sad.

  2. Wish they still were made in US.
    The ones made over seas do not last.
    Sad for all of us.

  3. I agree, hope they either up the quality or bring it back to the USA so we can do it right!

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