Xtratuf Men’s Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Xtratuf Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Features of Xtratuf Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Lifestyle comfort and protection that takes you anywhere you want to go. The new XTRATUF® fishing shoe collection was designed with you in mind. Consistent with all XTRATUF® products the new fishing shoe collection are built with a Chevron non-slip, non-marking outsole. The Chumrunner’s sporty styling blended with it’s breathable mesh and neoprene comfort is designed to give you flexible, all-day comfort.

  • XTRATUF® Chevron non-marking outsole
  • Slip-resistant Xtratuf sole
  • Water resistant Nubuck leather uppers
  • Lightweight vulcanized construction
  • Cushioned removable insoles
  • Available in three colors: Chocolate, White and Cobblestone

Moving around on a boat can be a challenge even in perfect conditions, ensure your feet have the right protection with Xtratuf Men’s Chumrunner Daily Shoe!

The new Xtratuf Men’s Daily Shoes combine a flexible Nubuck upper with the legendary slip-resistant Xtratuf outsole. These unique features make the new Xtratuf shoes perfect for use on boats, docks other wet slippery surfaces and just as comfortable for everyday use at the store, restaurant, patio or garden.

Xtratuf Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Description of Xtratuf’s Chumrunner

Perhaps the most fashionable shoe of the collection, the Men’s Chumrunner has a sleek design that melds classic features with modern trends. At first glance, it is a mere well-made leather, laced shoe, but it has much more to offer than aesthetics alone. It features the standard Xtratuf Chevron non-marking, slip-resistant soles, Nubuck leather uppers, light weight vulcanized construction, and cushioned removable Insoles.

Choose from three classic colors, chocolate, cobblestone, and white. For the fashionable deck fisherman, this is an obvious shoe choice, but it is also just as ideal for men who do not fish. Any man who enjoys a quality leather shoe will appreciate the subtle details in the Chumrunner Daily Shoe. From catching fish to relaxing in the park to going out on a casual date, these shoes have everything you need, nothing you do not.

Not all shoes are created equal. As important as your feet are, you do not want to buy shoes that will not support them in the way they need to be supported. Some shoes look good and feel bad; some shoes feel good and look bad. Chumrunner Daily Shoes for men give you the best of both worlds. What more could you ask for?

Still not convinced Xtratuf Daily Shoes are right for you? Here are a few examples of where to wear your Xtratuf boots!

  • Boat
  • On the dock
  • Around the house
  • Fishing trips
  • At a restaurant

Photos of Xtratuf Men’s Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Stop by and take a look at a few pictures of our Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Xtratuf Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Where to Purchase Xtratuf Men’s Chumrunner Daily Shoe

Xtratuf’s Daily Shoes are available through many fine online retailers.

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