Xtratuf boots have gained popularity for their practical appeal to the working class. Highly durable and adaptable to any kind of work environment, Xtratuf boots are recognized across the world for their superior quality. Be it a rigorous trek or a 16-hour work day out on a shipping deck, Xtratuf boots provide unparalleled comfort and protection.

Xtratuf offers a practical variety of boots that are available as 6”, 12” or 16” copper tan boots. The Xtratuf range includes a pair of children’s boots, insulated and non-insulated boots, steel toe boots as well as composite toe boots. Any boot from the Xtratuf range offers 100% water resistance and protects feet against moisture.

The composite toe boots offered by Xtratuf have been designed to provide added protection to the toe area. Lined with a special “total protection shield” and composite material around the toes, composite toe boots are ideal to be worn to construction sites or shipping decks. Their composite lining protects toes from being crushed in case any heavy object falls on them.

Composite toe boots are lighter than their steel toe counterparts. However, this should not be viewed as a compromise in safety. Composite toe boots offer the same level of comfort and security as expected from any boot part of the Xtratuf range. These boots too are 100% waterproof and come with triple dipped neoprene shells for extra toughness and watertight protection for the feet.
Composite toe boots feature built-in cushion soles with arch support to provide all-day comfort. This feature also helps prevent leg cramps and back pain that usually accompanies long hours of standing upright. The absence of steel in composite toe boots also avoids the inconvenience of setting off any metal detectors.

Composite toe boots are highly flexible as they are made of softer, more pliable neoprene rubber that gives them an edge over regular rubber boots. The hand layered construction of the boot allows for greater flexibility along with strength. Composite toe boots score an advantage over regular steel toe boots, which is that they provide protection from extreme cold as well. While the steel used in steel toed boots may end up freezing off toes, composite toe boot wearers do not run this risk.

The popularity of Xtratuf boots has risen so evidently that crabber crews featured on the Discovery Channel show ‘Deadliest Catch’ wear these boots. Xtratuf boots offer resistance and extra surface grip even in extreme conditions like those showcased on the series. The popularity and durability of Xtratuf boots can be plainly witnessed on the show. Xtratuf boots also offer resistance against many corrosives, organic and inorganic acids and contaminants. Xtratuf boots have proved their mettle against regular rubber boots time and again.

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