Commercial fishermen know exactly what sort of equipment they need in order to stay on top of their game. They know that having low quality materials won’t cut it and that the items they do obtain need to not only function properly all the time, but also be comfortable. Aching feet is the last thing a fisherman wants to worry about.

Where Xtratuf Deck Boots Come In

Xtratuf deck boots are a solid choice for commercial fishermen due to their careful construction and attention to detail. Made right in the United States, Xtratuf deck boots are developed by Norcross Safety Products, a company that understands what hard workers need and deserve. With safety and comfort in mind first and foremost, they have developed the Xtratuf brand. Boots are triple-dipped for the ultimate in neoprene waterproof protection. The seamless design makes it impossible for water to get in, and it’s hard to go wrong with a 100% promise.

But Xtratuf deck boots are also highly flexible and comfortable. That means easy walking and a good range of movement so you aren’t impeded as you work, as well as no worries when it comes to arch support, tired legs, or even a fatigued back. The makers of these boots know that long hours can easily take their toll on a hard working fisherman, which is why they have done all they can to develop boots that keep your mind off your feet.

Xtratuf deck boots also provide you with high slip-resistance, especially when it comes to smooth, wet surfaces. Slip-resistance is one of the top items to focus on when creating a boot that won’t let you down, which is why Xtratuf boots got it right the first time around.

Even better is the price of many Xtratuf deck boots. While other boots retail for painful amounts of money, you can find Xtratuf boots at lower prices, making them a high quality product without forcing you to sacrifice an arm or a leg. They can be found in many retail locations, both online and in person.

When the time comes to trust in your equipment, make sure you have full confidence in what you have – especially your deck boots.

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