Farming is a tough job. It requires attention at almost all times of the year, whether you’re tilling the field or harvesting the crops. Naturally, not every day will give you the ideal weather conditions like dry and sunny. Some days it’s rainy, other days the ground is soggy, and when those unpleasant conditions roll around, you need footwear you can trust to help you get the job done right the first time.

Footwear like Xtratuf insulated boots gives you an edge over those less than ideal conditions and allow you to work unimpeded until the day is done. Whether you find yourself slogging through a muddy field or you just need a pair of boots to help keep your feet cozy while you work, Xtratuf insulated boots offer you just that. Unlike other, more basic rubber boots, Xtratuf insulated boots feature triple-dipped shells that provide seamless construction and make them 100% waterproof. Construction is flexible and hand-layered while on the inside you will discover the comfort of the built-in cushion insoles.

But you get even more with Xtratuf insulated boots. The polymeric foam insulation helps to keep feet warm as well as dry (as soft materials also help to wick away moisture!). You can even choose whether you want boots with steel toe caps or not. Even during some of the more severe conditions you may see, these are the type of boots that you can always count on to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and allow you to avoid fatigue in both your legs and back.

There are boots and then there are Xtratuf insulated boots for farmers. When you need a pair to perform on a day to day basis with some serious results, then it’s hard to go wrong with these. Boots have come a long way from the basic rubber styles they used to be. Now with the right technologies, you can fulfill a hard day’s work without giving your feet a second thought.

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