When it comes to work boots, insulated or non-insulted, Xtratuf boots are the first to be mentioned. Extremely popular in Southeast Alaska, insulated work boots from Xtratuf are always in demand. The popularity of these boots has earned them a respectable place in every Southeast Alaskan’s wardrobe. With people even wearing Xtratuf boots to weddings, these boots are no longer simply viewed as insulated work boots.

There are a host of features that give Xtratuf insulated work boots an edge over regular rubber boots. The first being the fact that they come triple dipped in neoprene. This means you can expect 100% water protection from these insulated boots along with flexibility. The seamless neoprene coating will protect your feet from moisture and make working in extreme conditions a tad bit easier.

The next is the chevron outer sole and heel. The chevron tread will give you added grip on wet and smooth surfaces, which explains its popularity among crews on fishing boats. The chevron tread also makes these Xtratuf insulated work boots highly appealing for hikers. Coupled with the built-in cushion insoles and you can expect comfort for your feet even in the most trying work or weather conditions.

Insulated work boots from Xtratuf also offer your feet added protection from cold due to their polymeric foam insulation. These insulated work boots have been aptly named, as they offer “extra tough” protection in any kind of working condition without compromising on comfort. Xtratuf boots are a practical wear for travelers and workers.

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