I wore XtraTuf boots for the entire summer of 2000, in the town of Gustavus, Alaska. I was working on a Charter Fishing Boat owned and operated by Black Rock Charters as a deckhand. I wore XtraTuf boots every day I worked, and then usually after hours as well. Gustavus even in the summer can be a wet place, and between going down to the beach, golfing, or just running to the store I found a reason to wear my boots.

I found XtraTuf boots to be extremely reliable in all weather conditions, not to hot in the summer, but certainly warm enough in the winter. They were reliable in wet conditions, and with 16″ of height, water rarely if ever came over the top of the boots.

I would highly recommend the 16″ Insulated XtraTuf boots for anyone, especially for someone who is going to work on a fishing boat and needs reliable boots.


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