Xtratuf 16″ Safety Boots

Xtratuf 16 Inch Copper Tan Neoprene Safety Boot

Features of Xtratuf 16" Safety Boots

If you’re in a situation where you need to keep your feet dry, and you’re going to be mucking around in liquids that are not conducive to dry feet, and if your toes need extra protection, the XtraTuf 16” Neoprene Safety Boot fit the bill perfectly. These XtraTuf boots are definitely waterproof, thanks to the way that they’re designed and made.

  • 100% waterproof, seamless construction
  • SAFE-TOE steel toe caps meet ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75
  • Meets Canadian Standard CSA Z195 M92 Grade 1
  • Flexible, hand-layered construction
  • Triple-dipped shells for extra tough, extra watertight protection
  • Chevron outsole and heel
  • Built-in cushion insoles with arch support
  • Men’s whole sizes 3-15
  • Boots Weight: 5.33lbs per pair
  • Shipping Weight: 5.83lbs
  • Manufactured by: Servus XtraTuf® Boots

Neoprene footwear will give you flexible, all-day comfort and the best protection against the broadest range of acids, corrosives, and contaminants. Only XTRATUF neoprene pacs offer a “total protection shield” of seamless, watertight protection for the most severe fishing, farm, and work conditions.
Xtratuf 16 Inch Copper Tan Neoprene Safety Boot

Description of 16" Xtratuf Safety Boots

Truly Waterproof! Unlike those other boots, which say that they’re waterproof but really mean water resistant, the XtraTuf boots are truly waterproof. The secret is in their seamless construction. All of the XtraTuf boots are made using a flexible, hand-layered construction in order to ensure that there are absolutely no seams. No seams mean that there’s absolutely no way for water to get in the boot. And the patented hand-layered construction also means that the boot is designed to be flexible as well as waterproof. So you don’t have to worry that your boots are going to be stiff when you bend, which is not only uncomfortable but hardly conducive to a good day’s work, because these boots are made to flex and bend with you.

The XtraTuf boots are also designed for comfort. Men always say they can tough everything out, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The XtraTuf designer recognized that men could get more work done by having comfortable feet than uncomfortable ones, and so designed the XtraTuf 16” Safety Boots to have a built-in cushioned insole that also features arch support. No longer do you have to go home and rest your feet up in your recliner, as your feet will be much more rested and less sore with the support that they can find in these boots.

Toe Caps Men who are working hard often wind up bashing their toes. It’s not because they’re clumsy, per se, but often because they’re working so hard, or they’re having so much fun that they don’t recognize that their feet are near anything that could harm them. The XtraTuf 16” Safety Boots are made with SAFE-TOE steel toe caps. These steel toe caps meet regulations and are designed to keep your feet safe no matter how much you tend to stub your toes.

When you add all of these things together – the arch and heel support, the SAFE-TOE steel toe caps, the flexible construction, and the fact that the boots are completely waterproof, what you wind up with are boots that can be used for a wide array of situations. From farm work to fun work out fishing, these boots are built to withstand whatever you can dish out. And while they’re doing that they’ll keep your feet warm, dry, and your toes completely safe as well.

Photos of Xtratuf 16" Safety Boots

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Xtratuf 16 Inch Copper Tan Neoprene Safety Boot

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