Size Conversion Chart For Xtratuf Boots

Below is the official conversion chart for finding the right pair of Xtratuf boots for both men and women!

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Converting Women's Shoe sizes to Men's for Xtratuf Boots

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International Men and Women Xtratuf Boot Size Conversion Chart

It is often difficult to know just the right size of boots to purchase when you are a women looking at boots that only list men’s sizes. We understand how this can be difficult and want to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to convert your female to male shoe size when selecting Xtratuf boots.Conversion Chart

Now that you know what size you are, it is time to find the perfect pair of Xtratuf Work Boots for Women. We recommend the 16″ Insulated Xtratuf Boots!

Servus Xtratuf boots offer the only all day protection for men and women. Regardless if you are out for a hike, on the golf course, fishing in Alaska, or just going from your car to the grocery store on a cold winter day, these 100% waterproof boots will keep you warm and dry! Xtratuf prides themselves on offering a quality product at an affordable price, and now because of this conversion chart both men and women can be confident they will select the right size!

Still not convinced that Xtratuf boots are right for you? Why not ask an Alaskan women how the boots worked out for her? Even the guys on Deadliest catch wear this top of the line footwear to keep them on the boat rather than in the water swimming with the fishes!


  1. In US sizes I wear a women’s 8, but in EU I wear a 39. Should I get size 6 xtratufs for stability, or size 7 for roominess?

  2. Emily,

    In general Xtratufs run a little large so I would go with the 6. However, if you are going to be in a cold environment where you will have extra thick socks you may want to consider the 7.


  3. Xtratuf talks about women using their boots, but fails to make smaller sizes. Heads up, some women have small feet. I’m willing to pay top dollar for a quality boot, but not for a boot that doesn’t fit. Why don’t you make the 16″ insulated boot in a size 4?

  4. Hi Nachi,

    I have always agreed with you, why doesn’t Honeywell make Xtratufs in women’s sizes. I made this conversion chart to make it easier to understand the differences, but it is not the same as just making them in both male and female sizes.

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